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Board And Train

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Introducing our highly acclaimed Board and Train program – a transformative experience that sets the stage for your pup's journey to impeccable behavior. This cherished program grants our skilled trainers the opportunity to nurture and guide your furry friend in the most effective manner. Over a period of 2-6 weeks, your beloved dog will reside under the expert care of our trainer, immersing them in a learning environment that seamlessly blends education with companionship.


During their stay, our experienced trainer will not only provide attentive care but will also impart essential training to your pup. From mastering basic manners to understanding commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Place, and Heel, your dog will flourish under our guidance. The comprehensive curriculum also extends to valuable skills like distance Heel, kennel training, as well as cultivating a quiet and well-behaved demeanor – no barking, whining, biting, chewing, or jumping allowed.


We believe in sharing the joy of training with you, which is why we offer you the unique opportunity to join in during weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6. This way, you can actively participate in the learning process alongside your pup, ensuring a seamless transition from our care to your loving home. Our Board and Train program isn't just about training dogs; it's about creating a harmonious bond between you and your furry companion that will last a lifetime.

6-Week Ultimate Pup Training Program

Your pup will not only master all essential commands and manners but will also thrive in a well-rounded learning environment. They'll enjoy abundant socialization opportunities, gaining real-world experience in applying commands and manners. Our program goes beyond obedience, instilling your pup with a solid foundation for impeccable behavior. While a prong collar is required, we also offer the option of e-collar training for those off-leash adventures that lie ahead!

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2-Week Basic Pup Board and Train Program

Your pup will receive an initial introduction to all essential commands and manners. While they'll grasp the basics, their ability to perform and remember might be limited if not consistently practiced by you, the owner. To ensure effective training, the Prong Collar is a requirement for this program.


Require a secure and enjoyable haven for your furry companion during your absence? Our boarding service ensures your dog's well-being and amusement while in our care. Rest assured, while boarding, your dog will experience attentive care and comfort. The nightly rate for boarding is $75 and encompasses all necessities except for food. For those seeking to incorporate training into the stay, an optional add-on is available at $50 per additional hour. Your pet's contentment and your peace of mind are our priorities.

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Private training

Experience a comprehensive 1-hour private training session, during which our skilled trainer will adeptly guide your pup through mastering commands with finesse. Simultaneously, you, as the owner, will receive hands-on guidance on effective correction and commanding techniques. Following this, you'll have the opportunity to practice the newly imparted skills with your pup at home, fostering noticeable improvements. This tailored session can take place at your residence, a nearby park, or within our facility, as per your convenience. This invaluable training experience is available for $100 per hour, and for those seeking a more immersive journey, a package of 6 sessions can be purchased for $500 – a wholesome investment in your pup's development.

Dog Daycare

Planning a productive day or embarking on a day trip? Our Doggy Daycare service provides a nurturing haven for your pup from 8am to 6pm. With a dedicated focus on their well-being, your furry companion will receive exceptional care during your absence. The cost for a full day of daycare is $50, offering you the flexibility you need. If these hours don't align with your schedule, we're more than happy to accommodate alternative arrangements to ensure your pup's comfort and your peace of mind.

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